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About Making it Happen Now

‘Making it happen now’ foundation was founded in 2006 by Pa Joof a highly acclaimed international speaker, heralded as one of the most authentic speakers of his generation, he brings a unique brand of positive energy that can engage and uplift any audience anywhere in the world. The Aim of ‘Make it happen’ foundation is to help young people develop into leaders of their societies, empowering individuals to design a life around their passion and purpose and businesses to become more responsive and profitable in an increasing variable today. Ab initio, his passion and dedication to empowering individuals and organisations has been infectious, coupled with his electrifying signature style, with the power to transform attitudes, tap into and awaken dormant potentials. He lends his business acumen to leading companies from diverse industries such as HSBC, Hilton, O2, Deliottte & Touche, Barclays, Connexions, Foot Locker, Aviva and United bank of Africa.

From its beginning, ‘Making it happen now’ was focused on helping young people in Europe especially the unprivileged ones from poorer communities, however it has diversified into international project further afield. Most recently an initiative to support three schools in the Gambia (Sub Saharan Africa) including local school for hard of hearing.

Recruiting volunteers to engage in this worthwhile project underlies Making it Happen now’s commitment to offer valuable human resources and strategies to communities in need. The burning desire to replicate these initiatives in Africa gave birth to Making It Happen Now Africa, where there exist opportunities for self growth and development amidst economical and political constraints.

Making it Happen Now’s Aims are:

  • Engage and inspire youths
  • Enable youths to communicate, collaborate (share), connect
  • Encourage youths to participate in the development of communities
  • Encourage youths to be creative and use their own initiative


Making it Happen Now!

The key to all MiHN’s work and support is self-sustainability; offering resources, including time, knowledge, and education (rather than just money) to facilitate projects that can stand on their own feet in the future. In this way, the work of MiHM not only has an impact on the individuals involved in the projects themselves, but on the wider communities as well.

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