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Project Description

With this project we implement a programme to create farms that are related to schools in the Gambia. MiHN has selected together with local authorities three schools, which suffer the greatest challenges that can be summarized by; lack of food, limited education, low perspectives for work, limited hygiene/ Health Care. They are basically missing the foundation for survival.

There is also a lack of self-sufficiency. Especially in rural area’s drinking water is a problem. There is no water in households. Many people need to walk miles to get water to there houses. Schools have only one tap; all those people are drinking water from one tap. Each school has it’s own specific challenges: lack of electricity/ utilities, a half-built school with no furniture, lack of good teaching materials, lack of qualified staff, distance to school, etc.

The children, the schools and their families in the involved communities will benefit from the programme.

Rural Development activities of the three school communities are scaled up by providing the inputs to prepare available unused community land to grow products for sale, serve as out growers to commercialized farms and supply food processing centre. A percentage of the proceeds are put into the development of the schools. The remaining portion shall be shared among the participating members of the three communities as income to cover expenses, including school expenses. With stronger financial means, the communities, who have already displayed commitment by undertaking community based schools, are able to provide school feeding program, develop, maintain & expand the schools to attract more children in those areas, provide better teachers and education. MiHN helps to empower communities with a proven framework to develop actions that spark a chain-reaction of viable growth and development at their own pace without having to rely on government intervention.



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