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South Kilburn New Deal for Communities (SKNDC) 2017-04-03T12:46:44+00:00

Project Description

These groups of people were to be the drivers of change in the local economy, helping to ameliorate the wider community by producing wage earners at the one end to entrepreneurs at the other.

A key target was to empower South Kilburn residents to take action and steps toward their goals. We aimed to equip a defined group of South Kilburn residents with the necessary skills set to monitor and achieve realistic goals, which centered on the take up of training, education and employment whilst eliminating negative beliefs regarding work, especially focused on empowering the long term unemployed. The overarching aim of the work of MiHN was to increase motivation and improve self-esteem in Individuals, groups and the community as a whole, leading to:

  • Increased motivation to seek further training and skills acquisition thereby contributing to individual development and to the Workforce Development strategy of the borough.
  • Assisting people to come out of the social benefits comfort zone and take on paid employment (reducing child poverty).
  • Supporting people through coaching to remain in employment, thereby enabling people as well as affecting the retention rates for local businesses and employers.
  • Increasing employment opportunities for entering the job market through developing mentors and mentoring schemes.
  • Cascading the method of training, leading to community ownership and the potential for supporting and developing community leaders from various sections of the community particularly hard to reach groups.


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About MiHN
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